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Whither House (2015-16)
Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, WA

This is work follows reflection upon the situation of itinerant Japanese farmers (many of whom lived in tent houses), in Central Washington in the 20s and 30s. Alien land laws prevented most from owning the land they cleared and tilled. As a result they moved place to place in tent houses as their leases ran out.

The wood structure forms the shape of a house. Under the framework are cut pine logs that resemble wheels. The structure is sheathed in white silk, a kind of kimono for the house. The padded hem is is made from an old futon. The fragments of the old futon and the reused fir floorboards speak of the comfort of the permanently located home they could only aspire to.

(materials: silk, wood, fragments from old futon blanket).

Photo credit: Lucretia Knapp