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Smooth Cayenne (2003-04)
Mattress Factory and P.P.O.W.

This work refers to the pineapple and colonization. The first room contained the bust of a field worker on a pedestal painted with silhouettes of the countries in which pineapples are grown. The images in the wallpaper are the water tank that marked the Dole Cannery in Honolulu, and the carved stone Dunmore pineapple, which crowns a garden lodge in Scotland (1781). Columbus' introduction of the pineapple to the Old World in 1493 incited a long-term fascination with the fruit and its cultivation.

James Dole (a relative of early missionaries to Hawai'i) purchased the island of Lana'i in 1922 for what was at one time the largest pineapple plantation in the world. Many of my relatives worked for the plantation on Lana'i and the cannery in Honolulu. Smooth Cayenne is the most commonly cultivated species of pineapple in the world for canning and fresh fruit export.

(at Mattress Factory): 2 rooms, 10'x10'x9'h and 9'x9'x9'h
Silk screened wall covering, hydrocal, wood, photograph, cardboard, light.

At P.P.O.W. the installation was in one room, and there were two rotating lights that cast silhouettes of the cardboard figures on the wall.

Photo credit: Lynne Yamamoto