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The Long Twilight (1999)
Whitney Museum of American Art at Phillip Morris

The installation evokes a relationship between two women, Ayame (Iris in Japanese) and Rose. The walls of the room were covered with willow-patterned wallpaper. Nailed to the walls were thousands of paper dolls, cut from silk tissue, with tiny burn holes in them. In the center wall was a peephole, through which can be seen a photograph of the two women, one blonde and the other having black hair, their faces slightly blurred. To the right there was a tète-a-tète chair, with seats covered in velvet, and a light sprinkling of hair (blonde on the magenta, black on the purple). There was also a Japanese tea box and a display case of objects.

Room size: 24' x 24' x 17'h
Wallpaper, silk tissue, brass nails,
tète-a-tète chair, tea box, glass case, small objects.

Assistance with the paper dolls: Voices of Women of the High School of Art and Design, and Lucretia Knapp.

Photo credit: George Hirose