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Birth Gifts (1994)
Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY

The dolls and doll fragments were displayed on glass shelves inserted into wood posts. At the base of each post was a bed of moss. The varying heights of the posts coresponded to the artist's own throughout her life, from 19" at birth to 63" in adulthood. On either side of the room were two family photographs: one of the artist at her first birthday party, and the other at age 2, dressed in a kimono and sitting with the display of dolls. The dolls were given to the artist in the first year of her life to celebrate Girls Day (March 3). Each year until she was thirteen, they were brought out and displayed on this date. Subsequently they were stored away in a closet, ultimately unprotected from the humid climate and insects of Hawai'i. The remains have a strange and haunting beauty.